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Shroud PUBG High Setting

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Setting PUBG semua letak High ke?


Fuh! ramai jugak customer nak budget build tapi nak main PUBG high setting. Okay benda tu actually tak mustahil tapi depend on korang punya “HIGH” setting tu.

Kalau korang nak semua setting dalam PUBG high, memang tak dapat lah nk gune PC budget.

Tapi, kalau HIGH korang tu follow HIGH setting macam Shroud pro player memang boleh dapat.



Sape SHROUD tu?

Sape shroud? Shroud tu ex csgo pro player yang sekarang jadi streamer. Ni twitch die https://www.twitch.tv/shroud

Memang pro habis Beb!



Sebab die pro, ni kat bawah ni abam belanja setting Shroud, die pon setting High jugak tapi High texture je. Semua High nanti ape pon tak nampak.


Basic Setting


Display Mode: Full Screen

Resolution: 1920 * 1080 (depend on resolution monitor anda)

FPS Camera FOV: 103

Brightness: 100






Advanced Setting

Screen Scale: 100

Anti-aliasing: HIGH

Post-processing: Very Low

Shadows: Very Low

Textures: HIGH

Effects: Very Low

Foliage: Very Low

View Distance: Very Low

Vsync: Untick

Motion Blur: Untick





Haaaa. So bermakna. High setting tu bukan semuanya High ok? certain benda je die letak high. Nak power kene la tiru orang power. okay?

Kalau korang nak buat PC yang bajet yang paling terpower! Korang boleh ketik sini.

Sumber: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdiO4Myh1BA

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