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Why Choose RacunTech As Your Prefered PC Build Malaysia?

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What makes RacunTech as your top choice for gaming PC build Malaysia provider?

In this article, we spill out the reasons most gaming enthusiasts and streamers choose us over these years.

But first, here is about us.

What is RacunTech?

Started back in 2017, RacunTech is now one of fastest growing pc gaming builder companies.

Over 300 custom ultimate machines have been built, more than 500000 hardware parts have been sold and customers nationwide of more than 1000 have been served.

Why Choose RacunTech as Your PC Build Malaysia Provider?

What separates this company from the rest? Well, while others build based on your budget, RacunTech builds your gaming rig based on your needs.

Besides that, the packages offered are solid for gaming enthusiasts like you.

  • 3 Years Warranty

You are guaranteed a warranty for three years whenever you buy from RacunTech.

This is good news as you don’t have to worry about spending more money if something goes wrong for three years which is a long time.

Less hassle, worry-free.

  • Operates online and offline

In terms of customer service, RacunTech has one of the efficient services and can be considered as one of the best.

Over the years, it has become a popular spot for those who are looking for gaming hardware.

Every day, RacunTech receives hundreds of inquiries and customers are usually left satisfied with the service!

  • Latest build

The latest hardware and technologies are used by RacunTech in order to set up your ultimate rig.

Our most experienced and specialists will help to install your PC so do not worry.

  • Installment plan

You can structure your payment – 6,12,24 or up to 36 months so you can have your dream rig without financial burden.

  • For Newbies

If you are still new to the gaming world, you are at the right place.

RacunTech offers special builds for newbies or someone who just wants to start into PC gaming.

This will get you started as a gamer as early as possible.

  • Pro Build

This is for those who have been playing PC games for quite some time and looking to upgrade.

Pro gamers build for the mass. You won’t have any complaints with this build but you may want to go for Elite.

  • Elite Build

Built for powerful users to render 3D or do heavy stuff with their machine. The true Bangsawan.

If you consider yourself as an elite, this is what you should go for!

How RacunTech Build Budget Gaming PC Malaysia?

Not enough money to spend on a premium PC? Do not worry. If there is a will, there’s a way.

RacunTech can help you build a PC with the budget as low as RM2700 and the quality is superb.

Above are all you need to create a Budget PC.

Firstly, the processor used is Ryzen 5 2600. In terms of performance, this processor is considered good enough to handle GPU bangsawan.

Secondly, the motherboard used is Asrock A320M HDV MATX.

The RAM used for this budget PC is Klevv Bolt 16 GB with the speed of 266MHZ.

PC editing can also be carried out with this RAM.

For SSD, Kingston A400 with the capacity of 120GB.

If you require more space, you can always add a hard disk but you need to spend more money.

The Graphic card that is used is Zotac GTX 1060.

This is already suitable if you want to play online games like Fortnite and PUBG.

Games like Far Cry 5 and GTA V can also be played with this graphic card. 

Next, to build a budget PC, you will need 1st Player DK6.0 with the capacity of 600W 80+ Bronze.

This can help your hardware to last longer.

This casing is elegant and suitable for your budget PC.

Now that you know all the items that you need to build your budget PC, check out the video below to learn how to install it.

How To Make An Order on RacunTech?

So how can you order from RacunTech? What is the process?

If you purchase from the RacunTech website, you will be notified with a message of ‘order received’.

Customers will also be informed more details about the order which include Product Preparation, Installation and Wrapping.


Firstly, Team Warehouse will scan the items that you have bought for the purpose of Installation from Team Technician.


Team Warehouse will also take pictures of the item and send a Telegram message to notify customers.


After that the hardware items will be given to Team Technician for the installation process.


Before installation, every technician will ensure that the items received are accurate based on the sales order and the serial number.



Technicians will begin the process of installation once everything has been verified.


After installation, Team Technician will install Windows 10 in SSD (Windows10 Trial Version if the customer does not buy Windows 10 Pro Digital License).

Then update windows, install the necessary software and update drivers.

The customer’s PC will then be tested by the technician.


Stress Test:

The purpose of this is to test the durability of the Graphic Card (GPU), processor and RAM of the PC.

This will be done by using a software which will force all the components to function at the maximum level.


Aida64 is used to test stability processors and MSI Kombustor to stress test GPU.

Stress Test will take about 10 minutes only because both software run at the same time.

There will also be proof of the Stress Test as screenshots will be provided.


After that, Team Technician will refer to a checklist and make sure there is no issue.

Installation Complete: 


Customers will be updated by Team Technician via Whatsapp.


Logistics is responsible for sending the items to customers in one piece and making sure there is no damage.


Your PC will be wrapped using bubble wrapping as thick as possible and Team Logistic will wrap it until you can barely see what is inside.


Consignment notes consists of customers’ information will be pasted on the item.

For delivery outside of Klang Valley, delivery will be carried out by GDEX.


For customers in Klang Valley, your parcel will be delivered through GoGet.

Custom Water Cooling Gaming PC which has a high risk for damage will be delivered personally by RacunTech.

To avoid any unnecessary problems, customers will be notified upon delivery to ensure that they are at the right destination.

Customers will also need to fill in the “RacunTech Pickup Form”.


For customers outside of Klang Valley, notification via Whatsapp to give information about tracking number will be sent.

You are advised to call the nearest GDEX branch if you face any inconveniences.


RacunTech is definitely the company that you should look to invest your money to get the best PC build Malaysia.

There are a lot of benefits of dealing with RacunTech and you will definitely be satisfied with the services that this company has to offer.

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