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If you can imagine it, you can play.

Get your latest & powerful gaming rig with
easy payment plan.

Otherwise, you can just walk in to our branch in Setia Alam, Bangi, Penang & Cheras.

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What makes RacunTech stand out?

While others build based on your budget, we build your gaming rig based on your needs.

Latest Build

We are using latest hardware and technologies to setup your ultimate rig. Rest assured it will be installed by our experience specialist.

Three Years Warranty

All of our builds equipped with three years warranty including every single soul that we put onto your rig. Less hassle, worry-free.

Installment Plan

You can structure your payment - 6,12,24 and up to 36 months so you can have your dream rig without financial burden.

It all started with an idea..

Then, ideas need a place to come to life. We create everything from beginning - turning your ideal gaming rig to life. Together, we build the ultimate machine.

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Computer Processing Unit

Choose from low range to high range powerful computer processor (CPU). Intel, AMD

Graphic Card

From low to high end graphic card for your gaming hunger and lust.


Choose from low range to high range powerful computer processor (CPU). Intel, AMD

Random Access Memory

Who needs more than 8GB RAM? It's you. Checkout our fastest RAM ever.


High machine need to come with performance monitor. Check our beautiful monitor.


Nothing more important than the way it looks. Ensure your casing is beautiful than your spouse.

Power Supply Unit

Hungry machine need more than just a juice. Check out our PSU beauty.


Mousepad, keyboards - you name it. We got it all. Check out our peripherals.

Journey to build ultimate machine.

Ultimate machines are not created equal. Depend on your need, we will build the ultimate machine that you will leave - rocking your FPS higher than before.




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One of the fastest growing pc gaming builder company.

Since we started back in 2017, we have built more than 300 custom ultimate machine, sold more than 500,000 hardware parts and serve more than 1000 customers nationwide.

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Entry Build

Special build for newbie or someone who just want to start into PC gaming.

Pro Build

Pro gamers build for the mass. You won't have any complaint with this build but you may want to go for Elite.

Elite Build

Built for powerful users use to render 3D or do heavy stuff with their machine. The true Bangsawan.

Both operate online & offline

Hundreds of inquiries per day and we have become one of the best spot to look for gaming hardware around. Fast response and the best in class customer service.

Racuntech Stores

We have expanded! Now we are in 4 places - Setia Alam, Bangi, Penang, and Cheras. You are always welcome to visit us.

Online Consultation

You can contact our specialist to get consultation before you visit us or before your place order on our website.

You can directly purchase your hardware component or directly build your ultimate machine with our online builder. Coming soon

What our customers say

Our inspiration to go beyond and further, and strive to be better and better in what we do.

Build your ultimate machine now

Contact us, let us know your build and we will build it for you by the best builder we ever had.

Free consultation. Free quotation.

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