How does it work?

Follow these 5 simple steps to get your ideal PC with AEON Credit.

1 . Check Eligibility

To check your eligibility, please click the “Check Eligibility” button located above.

2 . Fill in the information

If eligible, you will receive a WhatsApp notification and should complete the Google Form with required documents.

3 . Wait for approval status

Wait for a WhatsApp message from Racunbot to know if your loan application is approved, usually within 14 working days.

4 . Discuss PC specs

Based on the financing amount approved by AEON Credit, we can then discuss the specifications of the PC you desire. You can also add a deposit if you want a more powerful PC.

5 . Choose delivery method

Once the agreement is ready and has been signed, your PC will be ready for pickup or delivery. However, when AEON calls, please make sure to inform them that you will be self-collecting the PC at RacunTech HQ Setia Alam.

What documents need to be prepared?

Only 3 documents are required throughout the AEON credit application process:

Copy of identity card

Latest bank statement

Latest payslips

SSM Document

(For Self-Employed)

What are you waiting for?

Let’s check your eligibility easily by clicking the button below!

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